Lives Impacted

Jamie M - Borrower
Phoenix, AZ

Super helpful and had the most empathy for my family and constantly willing to work with me. They always reached out to me when I missed a payment, even by a day, because they knew my situation and never wants to see their clients in court! Mark specifically went above and beyond to help me and for that I am grateful!!!

David M – Note Buyer
Tampa, FL

After 2008 I was scared to put my money back into the stock market. The team at DO Capital took the time to connect me with not only the strategies but partnerships necessary to hold Notes in my self-directed IRA; which I wasn’t even aware was possible. I continue to make consistent returns and the guidance from the team at DO Capital has been paramount to my Note portfolio.

Jeremiah W – NPL Asset Manager
Wells Fargo

Selling NPL’s to Thomas was smooth, efficient and a breath of fresh air in a space that has increasingly become saturated by the unsavvy non-institutional buyer. We will definitely consider selling to this team again in the future.

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