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I know Mark both professionally and personally and he is an extremely sharp individual. He has a strong understanding of business and leadership, but most importantly is cognizant of the emotional and cultural influences in any given business dynamic. He is a very talented business practitioner!

Erron Boes

President, PTLX Global

The experience with Mark was unbelievable. He answered all my questions, kept us in the loop on the underwriting process/status, and guided us through a more-complicated-than-normal position. Mark practically crawled over broken glass to get us to closing on time.

Marc Watson

Sr. Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton

Mark Hegenbart is one of the hardest working individuals I have ever met.  When push comes to shove, he makes it happen without missing a beat. I continue to come back to Mark whenever I am struggling in my own business

Brendon Strasson

DVP, Lockheed Martin

Working with Thomas over the course of a year gave me good insight into him as a person. I noticed how solution oriented he is in his approach to work and life. With this approach he stayed focused on the important tasks that really moved us towards our goals. Thanks to Thomas and his development team our community now enjoys a richer art and cultural experience.

Ken O

Council Chairman, Big Park

To summarize my thoughts on Thomas would be “leadership” and “motivation”. He led our teams to get more done, faster resulting in the highest compliance ratings in the company. When our project required long workdays including many weekends Thomas kept team spirit and productivity high.

Nicholas N

Company Training Officer, US Navy

For those considering a collaboration or project with Thomas McPherson I encourage you to DO IT. We invested and worked with Thomas for over 2 years on a project that gained notoriety, achieved financial success and served as the model for several additional developments.

Jayne H

Partner, Vantage Equity Partners
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